APPLICATION FEE (one time)   € 160.00 $ 200.00
50% upon approval € 80.00 $ 100.00
50% on 1st ticket € 80.00 $ 100.00
ANNUAL MEMBER FEE   € 120.00 $ 150.00
PATRON CONTRIBUTION   € 250.00 $ 300.00
SEPA WIRE   Incl. Incl.
INTERNATIONAL WIRE   € 20.00 $ 25.00
EXPEDITED (SAME DAY) WIRE   € 30.00 n.a.
PAYPAL   Incl. Incl.


1. Who can become a member ?
Every gallery, artist or collector can become a member of FOUNDATION™. Our services are focused on - but not strictly limited to - the primary art market. FOUNDATION™ is limiting the value of each ticket to € 15.000 or US$ 20.000.
2. Admission & One-Time application fee
Admission is based on an online application process.
The application is available upon inquiry (
Once all required information is received, a membership can be granted within 24 hrs.
2.1 Admission fee
The One-Time admission fee is € 160/ US$ 200.
Once the admission fee is paid, the applicant becomes a full member. Until then the applicant will be a listed member only.
Full members will receive a confirmation email together with a member ID.
The membership fee for the first year is absorbed by the one-time admission fee.
2.2 Membership fee
The annual membership fee is € 120/ US$ 150.
A membership can be cancelled by either party at any time without reason if no transactions are pending.
Otherwise it is automatically renewed for another year.
2.3 Levels of membership
Members can further benefit from FOUNDATION™ by becoming a patron member.
Patron contributions are priced in increments of € 250/ US$ 300.
Patron membership benefits are:
• no admission fee.
• priority ticket handling.
• profit sharing.