The art world is propelled forward by a certain set of characteristics: ideas, innovation, passion, desire and... vanity.
The ingenuity of artists and their determination to make a mark within their own generation and possibly implement a change for the future is at the source of it all.

Galleries in the primary art market are the very first to recognize this artistic potential by constantly nurturing their artists. In such diverse roles as manager, critic, patron, curator, coach and friend, they provide greater access and a broader audience to the artists' works.

But as much as this is true for 80 percent of young and mid-tier gallerists, they still manage to run a complex business operation, very often on an international scale serving their artists, collectors and participating at art fairs on several continents.
What often remains in the background is that every successful business is subject to the same simple economics.
Supply & demand;
Sufficient capital;
Reasonable cost-income ratio; and
Ultimately, profitability.
On the basis - or foundation - of these economics lies first and foremost another simple necessity: fair access to liquidity for healthy cash-flow.
This is where FOUNDATION™ comes into play...